MottoEnhance the Earth, Inspire the Spirit, and Nurture the Being.
Purpose:The PAAK Foundation provides educational and personal development programs through a variety of teaching modalities in various settings. The common purpose throughout all programs is to assist participants in becoming healthy, self-reliant, productive, responsible and ethical individuals, who will make a positive contribution to their family, their local community and the global community.

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Reevis Mountain School Division

Executive Director: Peter "Bigfoot" Busnack

Email Contact:

Motto: Live What You Love

Joined PAAK: 1980

Activities: We teach and promote self-reliance and nature awareness through (1) offering classes and lectures on wilderness survival, natural healing, meditation, and homestead living skills, (2) providing an example of a working off-the-grid homestead, (3) growing healthy organic food for ourselves and for market, (4) producing and selling herbal remedies formulated by Peter Bigfoot, (5) offering work-exchange internships, and (6) publishing books about herbology and natural healing. RMS is a place of inspiration and peace, providing a space to develop spiritual awareness and to foster personal health, wisdom, and joy.



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Updated 03-02-2012