MottoEnhance the Earth, Inspire the Spirit, and Nurture the Being.
Purpose:The PAAK Foundation provides educational and personal development programs through a variety of teaching modalities in various settings. The common purpose throughout all programs is to assist participants in becoming healthy, self reliant, productive, responsible and ethical individuals who will make a positive contribution to their family, their local community and the global community.

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About Us

The PAAK Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization registered in the state of Arizona. All our divisions promote Values, personal growth and raising consciousness. Included among individual current division offerings are: outdoor skills especially for teens and also for all ages, stone masonry, classes in tai chi and Chinese Medicine, and a magazine on Asian medicine and Chinese martial arts.


On 24 Sept. 1968 the Arizona Corporation Commission filed the affidavit of publication (Arizona Weekly Gazette) of the articles of incorporation of the Pateman-Akin-Kachina PAK Foundation. On 12 February 1970 the Internal Revenue Service determined that the PAK Foundation was exempt from Federal income tax as a non-profit organization described in Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  On 24 April 2002 the Arizona Corporation Commission filed Articles of Amendment to our Articles of Incorporation, changing our name to the Pateman-Akin-Avery-Kachina (PAAK) Foundation.

The Foundation origins date back to the post-WWII 1940s and a group of climbers who regularly ascended local mountains in the Phoenix city limits. These activities expanded to teaching others to climb informally, then to classes, in turn leading to the formation of the PAK Foundation by Phoenix lawyer, John "Azimuth" Goodson and two other incorporators, all community leaders. "Challenge" became the first PAK Division, teaching teens outdoor skills (e.g., hiking, climbing, spelunking, survival skills), "to combat student passivity and encourage responsibility through experiential education using the wilderness as its classroom."

Two other early Divisions were Omega, which as since become an independent non-profit, and the Reevis Mountain School.

John named the organization after his fellow climbers: Mr. Pateman, and Mr. Atkins, and, in 2002, added Ben Avery. 
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Inactive divisions are:



The Challenge Division


Project StoryKeeper Division,which is in formation. PSK will provide tools, training and support to help families, organizations and communities build and preserve their legacy. In the course of its mission it will strive to preserve and pass on the valuable living history of the 20th Century. Priority initiatives focus on recording those legacy stories that are most threatened such as vetrans, victims of Alheimer's Disease, elder citizins in assisted living, nursing homes and hospice. It will arrange for funding to worthy citizens who cannot afford the process where without financial assistance vital human history will be lost forever.


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