MottoEnhance the Earth, Inspire the Spirit, and Nurture the Being.
Purpose: The PAAK Foundation provides educational and personal development programs through a variety of teaching modalities in various settings. The common purpose throughout all programs is to assist participants in becoming healthy, self-reliant, productive, responsible, and ethical individuals, who will make a positive contribution to their family, their local community and the global community.

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"The PAAK Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation of Arizona, is divided into a headquarters (see Contact Us) and divisions."



The International College of Classical Chinese Medicine Division advocates  health and balance through Classical Chinese Medicine and the education and training thereof.

The Marshall Ho'o Center of Arizona Division encompasses Two Fishes Swimming Tai Chi Chuan Academy (Tai chi and I Liq Chuan training, Parkinson's Art of Moving, and Healthy Living Exercise Classes), and the *Wudang Warrior Magazine* (Asian Medicine & Chinese Martial Arts)

The 123Go! Division provides outdoor programs for teenagers to discover their inner strengths; develop self esteem; enhance communication skills; recognize the value of others; and provide the skills to create a nonviolent community.

The Reevis Mountain School Division provides a place of inspiration, peace, and reverence for nature, where, in a magical remote wilderness setting, students and interns can learn natural healing and self-reliance skills, experience growing their own food, develop spiritual awareness, enjoy a spirit of community, and live healthfully.


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Updated 11-13-2013